Want to Buy an Air Cooler? Read First Plus The Next Minus!

Ideally, the room becomes a comfortable place to rest and unwind. Especially for boarding children, the room is the only place to go home for him. But what if your room is not spacious. Now, to make the room more comfortable, you need to pay attention to a few tricks you can try.

1. Maximize air ventilation or install a solar cooler whose price is not too high

Ventilation plays a vital role in making the atmosphere of the room more cooler because it becomes a gap where air enters so that the air in the room has good circulation. To maximize this, always clean the vents, not to be covered by dust, dirt, or even included in items that are blocking air circulation. Using a solar cooler is perfect for you to try.

2. Using bright colors for the walls will give you a cool and calm feeling, especially for small-sized rooms

The color of the walls turned out to affect the coolness of your room. Rooms with walls painted in dark colors will usually feel more cramped and hot. Conversely, rooms with bright wall colors such as white, light blue, and light green give the residents a cool and calm feeling.

3. Avoid putting too much stuff in the room

Filling the room with items (especially those that are not needed) can make the room look crowded. The more details in the room, the more dust will accumulate and disturb health. Sort the items carefully to be put in place.

4. Maximize the use of air cooler so that the room is getting cooler

Many people use air coolers, but still don’t feel fresh. The problem is that the air cooler they use is not as good as the Vankool air cooler.

5. To maintain cooler temperatures during the day, turn off the lights or use a lamp with a small wattage

The lights certainly give off heat. Lights that are turned on always will only make the room feel hotter. Turn off room lights often. If you are not comfortable with a dark room, use a table lamp that is not too bright or a small wattage lamp. If your room has a window, it’s better to open the window and turn off the lights during the day. Besides saving electricity, your room will also feel cooler.

To be cooler, you can use an air cooler. Air cooler is a box-shaped electronic device unit containing a fan, an ice or air container, and a pump. The way it works is quite simple, pour ice air into a box, and then the air in the room will be sucked up and channeled to the air reservoir or ice cube, then the fan blows provide coolness that comes from the icy air. But for those of you who are planning to buy air conditioning, you should first read the following pluses and minuses:

  • Low wattage.

The air-cooler air conditioner is lower wattage compared to the Air Conditioner (AC). But this also depends on the type. There are air conditioners that only use 80-110 watts of electrical power consumption. Whereas in AC, the lowest wattage is around 300 watts. So if you are still boarding, using AC can result in waste because electricity will increase dramatically.

  • Low price

This is another advantage of the air cooler alias air conditioner, for those of you who are not satisfied with the use of fans, but in financial terms have not been able to buy and use air conditioning. This air conditioner is the right choice.

  • Soothing.

You could say this air conditioner is like a fan that feels cool, not just a breeze. This is due to the presence of ice cubes that are absorbed by the air cooler. However, keep in mind, this unit is only soothing, not cooling. That is, air conditioning can reduce room temperature to only 5-10 degrees Celsius or more to increase room humidity.

  • Portable.

The air conditioner uses cooling materials such as air, ice cubes, and ice jell, while the air conditioner uses freon. You could say it is more affordable in terms of economical, but you have to fill the storage tank because usually, it will only last approximately 3-4 hours. But the advantage is, this portable air conditioner can be carried everywhere, unlike air conditioners, which can only be used in the room where the AC is installed.

  • Side effects.

Unlike air conditioners that can cool air without making the room moist, it is different from air cooler, which tends to make the room wet because it spreads steam from water or ice. So that its use is not recommended for subtropical climates because it can increase the humidity of the room. The room must have a smooth air circulation so that moisture does not settle in the room and become a den for fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

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