Gravel and Their Uses for Landscaping

Gravel is a loose arrangement of rock fragments. There are several different types of gravel and they are classified by size. Gravel is used to brighten up the landscape along with creation of driveways, pathways and flower beds

Types of Gravels

There are several types of gravel that is used in landscaping and everyday needs. Crushed stone is what is normally used in driveways. This type of gravel can be limestone, granite, gneiss or trap rock or a mixture of gravel. This would be a mixture of gray and white colors to help add color to the landscape. Washed clean stone is similar to crushed stone but it has been cleaned. This removes impurities that would not be wanted in your gravel. Pea gravel is one of the most popular types used in landscaping. Pea gravel is small, smooth, and round gravel. This type of gravel is in all different colors, such as tan, brown, white, black, gray, blue, green and red. Yellow “Jersey shore” gravel is another small gravel that is colored yellow, gold, tan, white, and brown in color. White marble chips are more for paths or walkways. White marble chips are not just white but has streaks of gray in them. They have a shimmering sparkling sheen. Quarry process is a semi-permanent solution. The gravel has jagged edges to help piece together with stone dust to help adhere the stones together for a smooth drive. It has gray and black colors for several themes in landscaping.

Landscaping Needs and Where to Get the Gravel

There are several places that you can get gravel from to supply your landscaping needs. You can search online for any type of gravel puyallup wa. Gravel has several needs and uses to it so you can use it all most anywhere in your yard. Your driveway is an important part of your house because it is something that everyone sees. When you can have a nice-looking driveway with gravel that can provide you with all your needs and it cannot be washed away because instead of dirt you have gravel. Dirt can wash away in the rain or with the wind, but gravel can only be removed if you do it with a shovel. Gravel can be used in flower beds or around ponds that you can put in your yard. It is really nice that you can pick what color of gravels that you would want to show cases your house.

Gravel Can Be Used All Over

There are several things that can be lined with gravel to help separate it from your yard. When looking at what type of gravel you would like to use, you need to figure out what colors and what size you would need for your yard. Landscaping is something that most people wants around their house to help it look better on the outside and gravel is one thing that can be used to make it look better.

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