Soarits Makes Cryptocurrency Payment Available to Online Marketing Business

LONDON, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the first batch of Media Agencies accepting cryptocurrency as payment method, Soarits Ads Limited (“Soarits”) always strives to make a difference and keeps up well with the latest Technology.

Founded in 2012, Soarits is an all-rounded Media Agency with 10 years’ experience in Overseas Marketing. It provides a wide range of services including brand authority establishment, public relations consultancy, brand building & management, digital marketing, SEO services, press release writing & distribution, outdoor advertising, digital billboard advertising, etc.

Over the years, Soarits has facilitated numerous companies to open up their foreign market and foster brand loyalty by spreading their business strengths and building up positive images.

“Dare to be different is the key of success” – when people still doubt about cryptocurrency, they chose to run ahead of the market and announced the acceptance of cryptocurrency payment in their business. They believe that catching up with market & technology trend is necessary and basic. It won’t be convincing to clients when a media agency is being conservative. This could explain why Soarists wins word-of-mouth recommendations among the industry without massive promotion.

How Soarits add value to business?

1. Cost Reduction

(a) Lower Promotion Cost but have a Significant Effect

Strong sense in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strength of Soarits. With reasonable service fee, they master latest marketing strategy and technique which can help boost a company’s reputation and brand awareness in a short time.

(b) Lower Operation Cost

They can act as a brand ambassador to provide 24/7 after-sales support to the company. They keep close monitoring of the system operation and statistics to deal with emergencies, so the company can save extra operations & personnel costs.

2. Sales Enhancements

(a) Connect foreign markets, with less market barriers and equitable opportunity.

Soarits possesses rich marketing resources and connections all over the world. With a single campaign, the company usually can see certain level of sales increment. The Internet is a realm of fully equality. Regardless of the size of the company, they can still benefit from an effective marketing approach.

(b) Combine advertising and ordering can enhance purchase intent

Through ads, customers may access the web system and make rapid purchases or specific online inquiries. This makes it easier and faster for customers to click and buy. Soarits help enterprises to visualize their market position accurately and tailor made advertising solution to maximize the effectiveness.

Why need to develop brand authority?

Every successful enterprise must have a high brand authority. When people talking about specific industry, the first few company names pop up in their mind are mostly the brands with high popularity or scams. To avoid being “notorious” or “nameless”, brand building and management are critical to every company. Soarits as a brand management specialist, offers 30-minute free consultation to company to unleash their unlimited business potential.

Learn more or get free consultancy at:

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SOURCE Soarits Ads Ltd.

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