Your company is growing or the atmosphere of the building is outdated. Remodeling your space is a way to give the area a new life which could help your employees be more productive. Here are steps to get started.

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Discover What Needs To Be Done

Hire a janitorial services mn company to clean thoroughly so you know what all needs to be redone. Inspect all major systems like the plumbing and electrical to see if they need to be improved. If you are unsure, you can bring in an expert to evaluate these for you. You will also want to have the structure inspected to be sure everything is up to legal code before you continue with any work.

Hire a Contractor

Interview contracting companies to see which one is best suited for the construction you are considering. Ensure that whoever you speak to is licensed and insured. Have the ones on your list submit bids for you to look at. Ask for references and call those given to you to evaluate their work. If you are given the opportunity, visit the other locations they have remodeled and inspected the craftsmanship yourself.

Get the Financing

Once you have selected a quote, make an appointment with your bank to finance the work. Prepare to present your statements from your accounts. Once all of your information has been considered, the representative you are working with will let you know the options that are available to you.

Apply For the Permits

When the money for your remodel is secured, consult your contractor to find out which permits you need to apply for. Set aside time to visit the building department of your municipality. Complete the paperwork they will require and submit it. It might take a few weeks to get an answer so plan the construction schedule accordingly.

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