Looking for a Career Change in Florida? Here’s 3 Ideas To Get You Started

If you feel stuck in your job or career it may be time for a change. This may seem like a big deal, but there are plenty of certification programs that don’t require you to go back to college.

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A notary simply verifies the identity of people signing legal documents, mostly to protect against fraud and ensure all participants that are signing are there voluntarily. You can either be an independent notary and work for yourself, or get on the payroll of an office or corporation who often requires notarization services. This requires you to get commissioned through Florida’s Secretary of State’s office. All you need to do is take a short course, take out a security bond and fill out a notary application florida.


Transcribers are people who write down what other people are saying, often from a recording. This can be an important role in a legal, medical or media setting. For example, one typical job for a transcriber is that of a court reporter. If you want more flexibility, you could also work online and set your own hours. It isn’t required, but you are more likely to get hired if you take a voluntary transcription course. They also offer specializations for various industries.

Medical Assistant

Certified medical assistants (CMAs) are always in demand, so you’ll probably never be short on job opportunities. Certification training usually takes between 9 months to 2 years, depending on where you choose to receive your training- make sure that the school you choose is accredited. Once this is done all you need to do is send in an application to become a CMA and take the certification exam.

If you’re not ready for a full change, each of these suggestions can also be worked as a second job for supplementary income until you are ready for full time. It doesn’t hurt to expand your skill set so you’ll be ready for anything.

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