How Online Training from BIA Learn Can Help Your Small Business

When a business invests in their employees by offering opportunities to learn and grow, it benefits both the organization and the employees greatly. Training is critical to this as it enables companies to build their skills and promote from within, which results in less turnover and greater job satisfaction.

This is especially proven to be true if you consider LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Reportwhich surveyed over 2,100 people and found that 94% would stay at a company longer if it was invested heavily in learning and development resources for employees.

However, employee training can be particularly taxing on a small business. While some amount of personalized training is inevitable, we all know that taking an experienced person away from their duties/responsibilities to train another pulls two employees out of their day-to-day responsibilities.

That’s where online training can help. In fact, online training is the #1 vehicle that many employers are using to retain and attract top talent, reduce organizational turnover, and maintain compliance.

Not only is online training an incredibly efficient way for employees to learn new skills without having to worry about travel costs or inefficiency of attending seminars, but it’s also essential to maintain compliance with federal and state requirements that are continually evolving.

If your company is looking for a turn-key compliance training solution, then look no further than BIA LearnNJBIA’s online learning management system that features a premium library of over 360 employee training courses covering top categories such as:

  • Compliance & legal
  • Computers & IT
  • customer service
  • Diversity
  • Harassment
  • Human resources
  • Professional development
  • Workplace safety

What makes BIA Learn the perfect solution for small businesses in New Jersey is the fact that it’s easy to use with its intuitive dashboard and can be easily customized.

Employers can create learning tracks, assign courses, track progress, earn course completion certificates, and even upload their own in-house training. Plus, as new federal and state-specific legislation is passed, courses update to ensure businesses are always in compliance.

Take advantage of BIA Learn for your New Jersey small business today!

BIA Learn is available to NJBIA members and, while there is a per employee cost, it is much lower and more cost effective than what you would be paying to engage these services on their own.

To purchase BIA Learn seats or request more information, visit today.

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