Essential Equipment for Your New Restaurant Kitchen

The core of any restaurant operation is the kitchen. Stocking your restaurant kitchen with these essential items can help get your new venture off to a successful start.

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Safety Equipment

Maintaining proper safety for your employees and customers can help you achieve a positive reputation and avoid any issues with the health inspectors. Safety equipment to consider for your commercial kitchen includes hand washing stations, color-coded cutting boards, no skid floor mats, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and date labels for food.

Cooking Surfaces

The exact types of equipment you will need will vary based on the cuisine you intend to serve. Most restaurants will need a flat top griddle and a gas range. Other common equipment includes deep fryers, broilers, microwaves and toasters.


Your menu will also dictate some of your cookware choices. However, quality stainless steel, non-stick and/or cast-iron skillets and pots are useful in almost any restaurant kitchen. You will likely also need sheet pans and pans for baking or roasting.


Investing in the right storage equipment can help you keep your kitchen organized. You will probably want some shelves and racks for storing dry goods and pots and pans. You’ll likely need a walk-in cooler and freezer for food items, as well as a free-standing refrigerator. You may need a separate storage area for cleaning products and other items that should not come in contact with food. Extras, such as magnetic knife racks, can also make life in the kitchen a bit easier.

Prep Stations

At a minimum, you’ll probably need cutting boards, knives and a flat workspace to use them. Additional items to consider include food processors, blenders, mixers, racks, carts and storage containers.

Starting a new restaurant can be a daunting adventure. Setting your kitchen up for success, by stocking it with all the equipment you need, can help make that adventure less adventuresome.

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