Tips for Starting an Ornamental Fish Business from Home, Profit Quickly!

Some of the hobbies that are on the rise include gardening and raising animals such as ornamental fish.

Among the many choices of pets, maintaining ornamental fish can be said to be quite easy and fun. Maintenance costs are quite cheap and do not require a lot of space.

It’s not surprising that people like this hobby more and more during the pandemic. This is a very promising business opportunity. This business is also quite easy to do.

So what are the business opportunities? How to start an ornamental fish business? Come on, see the following explanation, okay!

1 Gather as much information as possible

The first tip before starting this business is to find as much information as possible. You can do research to find out what types are most liked, who the target market is, where to sell them, and how to sell them.
You need to identify who your target market is, including their economic and social background. Because, some types are priced at cheap to expensive. So, you need to adjust to your market.

2 Determine the Type of Ornamental Fish

After knowing the target market and the types that are popular, you can start determining what type you will sell. Is it fresh water, salt water, or both?
Determining this type is very important, because each type is very likely to require special care.
You also need to find out what kind of food it eats, its characteristics, and how it reproduces.
If you’re just starting out, you can focus on just one or a few types. Not too much, because you really have to understand how to maintain it.

3 Prepare the Place and Equipment

After determining the type, then you need to prepare the place and equipment.
Some of the equipment or supplies you need are aerators, aquariums, aquatic plants, feed, nets, medicine, and so on.
The use of such equipment needs to be adjusted to the nature and type. Because, there are several that can coexist in one aquarium, there are also types that must be separated in a solitaire container.
Apart from that, you also need to arrange each aquarium neatly so that it looks more beautiful and attractive.

4 Sell Other Products

Even though it’s an ornamental fish business, it doesn’t mean you only sell ornamental fish. You can also sell other aquatic animals such as ornamental shrimp, crayfish, ornamental crabs, and other aquarium supplies.
You can also sell them in a bundling package that contains all the attributes of ornamental fish and aquariums.

5 Sell Online

The final tip is to sell ornamental fish online. You can take advantage of several social media such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook to promote your shop.
Apart from that, don’t forget to take advantage of the e-commerce platform to sell your ornamental fish, ok!

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