Thrifty Ways to Decorate Your New Home

When moving into a new home, decorating your living area can feel like an intimidating and expensive endeavor. Use the following tips to make the process less painful on your wallet.

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Get Used Furniture

There are many used furniture options available from a wide variety of retailers. To ensure good quality items at a fraction of the price, check out retailers who specialize in used and refurbished goods. Retailers who sell used commercial items, such as pre owned office chairs and desks, can provide you with professional-quality furniture items that are made to last and can be used in many living spaces besides the home office.

Make Shelves Into Displays

Use shelving units to display various items to help set the tone in different rooms. If there is ample space that needs to be used in a room, you can install additional shelving and decorate it with a few accent pieces.

Fill Empty Spaces

Outside of filling spaces with standard pieces of furniture, you can also fill in the empty spaces on the walls and floors. Use various rugs to create a sense of intimacy and warmth in your rooms. Display wall hangings to add color to otherwise blank walls and embrace the opportunity to show off your interests.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Having a good handle on lighting can transform a living area from empty and uninviting to welcoming and warm. Invest in lamps that will provide lighting from different heights based upon your needs and each room’s dimensions. Test out the different forms of lighting that are provided by various light bulbs and choose what suits the function of each room best. Candles are also an excellent way to provide intimate lighting without investing in larger furniture pieces.

Decorating a new home doesn’t have to be a painful process. With a little bit of research and creativity, you can transform your new home into a functional and welcoming living space.

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