Business Owners Make a Strong Case for Responding to Online Reviews

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Behind the Review host and Yelp’s Small Business Expert, Emily Washcovick, shares a look at this week’s episode of the podcast.

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The landscape of online reviews can be tricky to navigate, but harnessing their potential is worth the effort. Yelp’s Small Business Expert and host of Behind the Review podcast Emily Washcovick revisited her interviews with several business owners from past podcasts and collected their unique approaches to online reviews—both positive and negative—and how they turned them into a business advantage. Let’s take a peek inside their review response playbooks.

Using positive reviews as positive reinforcement

Positive reviews are a great way to reinforce what you’re doing right—but you can take them a step further. Bring them offline to inspire yourself and your team, and use them to communicate your appreciation for your customers while making a good impression

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LSU students and alumni turn online business into storefront: Marem Boutique | Entertainment

Emily Rodrigue and Marlo Rodrigue have both loved fashion from an early age.

“What made me love fashion more was helping other people pick out outfits that they love and feel confident in,” Marlo said.

Starting a boutique together was a topic the two cousins ​​and friends talked about, but they never imagined it would happen so soon.

On July 25, 2020, Emily and Marlo opened Marem Boutique as an online store. Just two years later, on September 16, 2022, Emily and Marlo opened a storefront at 4250 Burbank, Dr.

Shop Marem

Marlo and Emily Rodrigue cut the ribbon at the opening of the Marem Boutique storefront on Sept. 16, 2022, at 4250, Burbank Dr. in Baton Rouge, La.

“Even after we opened the online store, we never saw a storefront in the near future,” Marlo said. “It became something that was tugging on our heart

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How Online Training from BIA Learn Can Help Your Small Business

When a business invests in their employees by offering opportunities to learn and grow, it benefits both the organization and the employees greatly. Training is critical to this as it enables companies to build their skills and promote from within, which results in less turnover and greater job satisfaction.

This is especially proven to be true if you consider LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Reportwhich surveyed over 2,100 people and found that 94% would stay at a company longer if it was invested heavily in learning and development resources for employees.

However, employee training can be particularly taxing on a small business. While some amount of personalized training is inevitable, we all know that taking an experienced person away from their duties/responsibilities to train another pulls two employees out of their day-to-day responsibilities.

That’s where online training can help. In fact, online training is the #1 vehicle that many employers

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Buckle (BKE) Benefits From Solid Sales & Online Business – September 7, 2022

The Buckle, Inc. (BKE Free Report) has been witnessing strength across its men’s and women’s businesses as well as in the accessory category for a while. In addition, BKE’s online wing is consistently showing impressive performance. These factors are aiding BKE’s sales.

Last month, Buckle released its second-quarter fiscal 2022 results, wherein net sales inch up 2.3% year over year to $302 million and also surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $300 million. Comparable store net sales (comps) for the 13-week period ended Jul 30, 2022, rose 1.6% year over year. Online sales also climbed 6.5% to $46.2 million in the reported quarter.

Shares of this on-trend apparel, accessories and footwear retailer have gained 0.5% in the past three months against the industry’s 11.5% decline. Let’s delve deeper.

August Data

We note that comps for the four-week period ended Aug 27, 2022, grew 4.6% year

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10 Online Business for Sale in August

Buying a proven and established business has many benefits, especially for new entrepreneurs. And buying a proven and established online business is that much better because you can run it from virtually anywhere. This is not the case for all online businesses, but it is for the majority of them.

So, if you are looking to buy a business you can run from anywhere take a look at the 10 online businesses for sale in August.

10 Online Businesses for Sale in August 2022

This August BizBuySell has some great online businesses with years of operation you can take over and hit the ground running.

Concrete and Stone Treatment Company

Concrete and Stone Treatment Company

Since 2005 this Concrete and Stone Treatment Company has been running a surface sealant business. The majority of the sealant jobs are outsourced to subcontractors and it is on its online presence to manage the workflow. This includes three streams

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