3 Tips to Eliminate Noise Pollution at Home

Getting away from the noise pollution of the world outside is one of the greatest parts of coming home. However, for those who have plenty of tile and hardwood floor, escaping from excessively loud noise can be more difficult. Take a look at the tips below to help eliminate or soften sources of noise in your home.

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Cover Bottoms of Chair Legs

The sound of people getting in and out of their seats can result in a cacophony of squeaking and scratching noises throughout your home. If you have a lot of chairs that are positioned over tile or hardwood floors, you likely experience this sound far more often than not. Products that emulate cut up tennis balls for chairs will protect your ears from the sounds of chairs scratching over hard surfaces and while also protecting your floors from damage.

Put Hangings on Walls

In addition to providing color … Read more

Save Money On Office Furniture

The goal of businesses is to grow. Sometimes, however, a small startup might outgrow its space as it hires new employees and expands its reach. When a business runs out of room to fit its growing network of talented workers, they might have to consider a new floor plan and office setup. Buying office furniture can be expensive, though, which is why considering pre owned cubicles could be the solution.

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Why Cubicles Work

Choosing the right furniture to fit both the mood of a business and the desired productivity can be an integral factor in employee satisfaction. When employees find they have space to work independently that still allows them to communicate with others when needed, they typically feel their workplace needs have been met. Cubicles offer a certain intimacy to employees that they cannot get when working in an open floor plan. It gives them the opportunity to personalize … Read more